Outsourcing reduces Overwhelm

Overwhelmed creative lying on a bed.

Outsourcing reduces overwhelm. Overwhelm is the antithesis of Freedom. Overwhelm comes from a number of places. Usually it has a lot to do with keeping too much stuff in your head. As creatives, women and entrepreneurs we feel that we need to do everything ourselves. That we need to know all.the.things when it comes to our businesses. Is it really even our business if we don’t do it all ourselves? 

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Learn a quick and powerful Gmail trick

How to create multiple email addresses with a + We have all suffered this frustration! You sign up to receive an email for a discount or a freebie – or just that yummy cheesecake recipe – and then we get spammed with a million related (or not even related) emails. It’s frustrating right? We have…

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Password Managers

Online Security In this day and age of our entire lives being online, it’s more important than ever to use password managers. The days of using the same password across multiple platforms are gone. Hacking, and personal identity theft, are on the rise. Major platforms have frequent data breaches and it’s important that one platform…

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