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Empowering creative female entrepreneurs to focus on their sphere of genius by managing their digital businesses. 


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WAHM WorkSpace is a team of Work at Home Moms (WAHM - pronounced like the 80s band) who are passionate about working with creatives like you! As a team that is diverse in skills, we can offer a one-stop-shop for busy entrepreneurs to outsource anything. And if you’re not ready to outsource, we offer training on most business systems you might use. Still want to get to know us first? Come to one of our events in Durban, or find us on Social Media.

Although each of the 5 VAs on our team has a special skill set, they’re all pretty awesome at most things, so you’re ensured that you’re looked after by the team at all times! They’re all working moms so they’re used to juggling hats! 

emails *argh*,

invoicing *double argh*,

chasing payments *vomit*!


Why use us We love creatives!

We love creatives because we know you’re at your best when you’re in your sphere of genius. We want to keep you there, and help with the stuff that bogs your mind down.

Bianca - owner of WAHM WorkSpace


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