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You can have a remote and trusted asset for you and your business, accomplishing the projects left untouched on your never-ending "to do" list!


Start here Are you a creative entrepreneur?

You are a creative business owner.
You make or design beautiful things and people love your work!
Are you struggling to keep on top of your admin?
Do you send out invoices and never follow up on payment?
Do you have a to do list as long as your arm?
Have you not updated your website since you got it?

Hiring a virtual assistant might be just what you need.

At WAHM we know how a creative mind functions. We love your attention to detail. We understand that your brain doesn't like the daily grind. We talk in colour and can think in feelings!


Why use us We love admin!

We love the technical side of things. We love the number crunching. We love sorting inboxes. We love managing clients and following up. It's our super power!



What we can do What is a VA?

A VA is everything you love about having an assistant in your business, without the things you hate!

She is ...

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    available to you to help with just about anything, without physically being in your space.

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    clued up in most aspects of running a business, without you having to train her.

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    brilliant on the computer, and she owns all her own equipment and software.

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    good at handling clients, but doesn't want to do what you do!

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    part of a community who keep her up to date on all the latest developments.

She works her own schedule, just like you; so her availability is flexible. Because of this, you only pay for the time she works on your project.

The team from WAHM WorkSpace

What makes a WAHM VA so special?

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    She's part of a team, so she's always got back up.

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    She's motivated to upskill and has opportunity to attend multiple training sessions

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    She's a mom - she knows what it means to juggle roles.

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    She's entrepreneurial - most of them have other businesses they run as well.

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    She's been handpicked to offer the best services to creative female entrepreneurs in particular.


What can I outsource? What can a VA do for my business?

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    Assist with your WordPress website -

    updating, copywriting, blog posts, e-commerce and membership site management.

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    Manage your inbox -

    sorting emails, replying to enquiries, setting schedules, updating to-do lists, managing expectations, automating processes.

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    Email list management -

    setting up and managing databases, sending newsletters, assisting with content creation.

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    Bookkeeping -

    invoicing, following up, management accounts, bank reconciliation, tax returns.

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    Copywriting -

    researching, writing, keyword research

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    Human Resources -

    managing staff, hiring processes

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    Graphic Design assistance -

    creation of simple projects.

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    Client management -

    onboarding processes, scheduling and follow up, reminders, enquiry processing

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    Social Account management -

    Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. There's a VA who can help manage your accounts, assist in group admin and help put posts together for any platform.

and a whole lot more!

Are you ready to focus on your sphere of genuis,

and outsource the part of your business you don't enjoy?


Who to work with? Find out which of our VAs will be the best fit for your needs:


Bookkeeper Extraordinaire. Adrienne is the numbers maven. Her happy place is getting your accounts in order and helping you see how your business is doing financially. She’s at home in most financial software programs, but recommends SageOne or Wave to most businesses. Not only great with numbers, Adrienne enjoys helping with Social Media and general business management.


Sthe specializes in WordPress website design and admin. Building WordPress websites and sales pages is her favourite tasks to tackle. She has experience working in Elementor and Beaver Builder and using Teachable for online course creation. Building email campaigns in Convertkit, MailChimp and Getresponse are some of her prized skills.


Danielle has 20+ years experience in most aspects of Administration, daily operational workflows and how to get things done in the most efficient way.  She has a knack for finding out what tasks are most needed and what tools can be utilised more effectively.  She loves living in the backend of a system to make…


Christine is an all round VA specializing in all things WordPress. Her super power is getting to the bottom of tech errors.


I worked in the optical field for 15 years, and decided to change careers and financial accounting was the calling. I am a wife, mother, bookkeeper and bollywood dancer. I love all kinds of music, movies, reading, enjoying good food and conversation. My family would describe me as being  passionate and driven. Always there to…


After 20+ years of working in the travel industry, Covid struck, and I found myself needing to reinvent myself in a whole new career.  I feel very blessed to have found a place working with the very talented WAHM team! I am now in a position where I can use my training and nurturing experience,…


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