WAHM Workspace Manifesto

A community of WORK AT HOME MOMS (WAHMs) who are tech savvy and empower each other and our creative clients to feel more at home online. 


We're Work At Home Moms. We're flexible

We all have kids at home some part of the day.
Most of us homeschool (by choice not because of the Pandemic)
We don't always have the same schedule or a normal working day.
It's often noisy and our days are interrupted. We choose to be at home with our families.
We chose this lifestyle in order to have flexibility
We recognise that schedules need to be set up around other responsibilities for our team and our clients.

WAHM = work at home mom

We're great at juggling tasks and input, switching context and making sure everyone is seen and heard. 


We're WAHMs We choose relationships

We love getting to know our clients. Really getting to know you, your kids, your story.
We may like you getting to know us as well.
We use Telegram and Slack because we like the ability to chat in words. Voicenotes are cool too.
We don't use whatsapp as we prefer to keep our personal stuff separate.



We're WAHMs We choose Technology

We use a lot of tools to make our lives easier.
Task Management platforms for to dos
Chat apps for questions and banter
Email for important communication
Zoom for meetings
Calendar scheduling apps so we don't have endless backwards and forwards to find a time.
The best tools are the ones you use, so we'll learn yours; or recommend ours if you don't use any.


What makes a WAHM VA so special?

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    She's part of a team, so she's always got back up.

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    She's motivated to upskill and attends numerous training sessions

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    She's a mom - she knows what it means to juggle roles.

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    She's entrepreneurial - most of us have other businesses we run.

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    She's been handpicked to offer the best services to creative female entrepreneurs in particular.


We love tech but We have boundaries

We're unlikely to share our phone number with you. We're available through Telegram, Zoom, Slack or Voxer
We don't offer cold calling (ick!)
You can book a call with anyone on your team whenever you need to.
We use the apps we need to, in order to stay in touch for work when we're on the move with kids.


We're humans with needs. We take time out and off

We have kids - things come up, and they (and the rest of the family) have needs.
We value our sanity and treasure our quiet times.
We live in an amazing country that we love to visit. Come and visit! We'll show you the best spots.
We have built a team to ensure that there is always someone available to support you when your main team member is out.
We take 2 weeks leave over Christmas every year.
We value our weekends, as much as you do. This is a time for us to recharge, reconnect with family and focus on our mental health.

We're Tech Savvy

We are not coders, developers, gurus. We're good at the things we're good at. We're fast learners and do our best to learn new tools quickly.

And we definitely know people for anything we don't know. We're really good at networking and creating beneficial connections. 


We're digitally skilled We enjoy technology

We're mostly self taught. We may or may not have any official training under our belts.
We're fantastic at Googling and finding answers for ourselves. When that doesn't work, we'll ask our network and then we'll ask you.
We're quick learners, but we don't know everything. We promise to tell you when we don't know and then figure it out.
We've tried A LOT of options. We've probably tried that tool. If we haven't, I'm sure we'll figure it out quickly. Value our opinion though.

Adrienne & Bianca Standing Laughing


We network We're connected

We leverage various networks to our advantage. Online and in person. We've built up relationships.
We're bound to know someone, or at least know someone who knows someone to help with just about anything.


We often feel under-valued don't all Moms?

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    Say thank you when we've done a good job. Appreciation goes a long way!

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    We've done the hours of learning and skills development so you don't.

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    Value our time, energy and skills. Our prices and packages reflect that investment.

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    We are inherently generous and will provide value far beyond our prices.

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    We are virtual ASSISTANTS.

    We are not your business partner, we aren't your coach, we aren't in charge. We take direction from you.


Be Kind Always We accept that things go wrong

We have kids - they get hurt, get sick, need their moms. It's important to us that we're there for them.
We have a lot on our plates, that we're spinning on poles, while juggling those balls. Sometimes we drop a ball.
Be kind about dropping a ball. We'll have the same grace with you.
We'll apologise when we drop a ball, we expect the same from you.
We're emotional beings, sometimes we may say something wrong. We promise to acknowledge it as soon as we realise, or it's pointed out to us.

we try be awesome!

We are driven by Our Values!

We value empowerment!

Make decisions that lead to more empowerment for everyone.

Community is at the heart of it

We value integrity!

Say what you mean. Be open and honest with us. We will do the same.


We value connection!

We all need relationships where we feel seen and heard.

Small group training on business basics

Are you ready? If this resonates with you,
then we're your people.

let's get on a call and see if we're a good fit.