WAHM WorkSpace Our Story

Our story starts with a computer or two and quest of a mom to find time to spend with her kids. Working from home was the clear answer, or creating a business where she could have her kids with her would work as well. We started one place and we've pivoted and changed, but family is still important to all of us.

WAHM WorkSpace was initially going to be a coworking space for Work at Home Moms. A really fun brand with a great community and ultimately branches all over the country catering to Moms and their kids to empower them to work better.

I still love the idea, but financially it didn’t make sense for where I was at the time. So in the spirit of my year of “Try Everything”, I began doing virtual assistance work for my Money Coach. On her encouragement, I put out a message to see if there were others who might want to do the same work as me, and hopefully start to build a little bit of a passive income.

Well turns out there was! I got applications from 17 other moms interested in working with me. Of those about 7 came on board once they got an idea of what I was planning. For 6 months we up-skilled as a team, we learnt a lot of life lessons and paid our dues in “school fees”. And so my story of empowering women started! First with the women who had joined me in my crazy adventure.

18 months on

from my first VA work and the story is getting interesting. We’ve rebranded the business and have a really tight team of 5, with complementary skills to cover most business aspects. We’re empowering multiple clients a month from all over the world. 


And now Growth

It’s amazing to me to see how my business has grown and developed. Both for myself and the other WAHMs on my team.

But what I love even more is seeing my clients’ businesses flourish and bloom as they’re empowered to focus on their sphere of genius.

To see how our story is changing the stories of our client's businesses is just amazing!



About the founder Bianca Johnson

I’m Bianca,

and I’m the owner of WAHM WorkSpace. I’m a digital native who loves almost everything tech. My programmer husband describes me as “knowing enough to be dangerous”, but I have improved in that department! I’m mom to two kids - Kyle and Ayla - who keep me on my toes. They will be Worldschooled as I believe in the ability to work from anywhere, and we are passionate about allowing them to follow their own paths.

I pretty much survive on coffee and don’t know what I would do without my end of evening glass of red! Nothing makes me happier than a client who I’ve made happy!

The team at WAHM has been hand-picked by me to ensure we offer the best possible variety of skills to our clients, but also because they’re all really awesome people!

This started as MY story, but it's OUR Story now!



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