Outsourcing reduces Overwhelm

Why outsourcing is the new hustling, especially when it comes to creative entrepreneurs. 

Outsourcing reduces overwhelm. Overwhelm is the antithesis of Freedom. Overwhelm comes from a number of places. Usually it has a lot to do with keeping too much stuff in your head. As creatives, women and entrepreneurs we feel that we need to do everything ourselves. That we need to know all.the.things when it comes to our businesses. Is it really even our business if we don’t do it all ourselves? 

YES! It’s your business, build it the way that works for you!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do everything. You don’t have to know every.single.thing in your business. And more so, you don’t even need to know all the things that need to happen in your business. Knowing and doing it all is going to set you up for feeling overwhelmed. And when a creative person is feeling stressed or overwhelmed, they’re usually in their least creative state. You may struggle to come up with ideas, feel good about the work you are doing, or find your flow. 

Knowing that you have a ton of admin you need to do, will often slow you down while trying to edit photos, or design a new website. Worrying about the emails you haven’t replied to may mean you’re not fully in the moment when shooting something spectacular. Stressing about the quotes that you haven’t sent, could prevent you from tapping into your true calling. 

BUT not doing the admin, replying emails, sending quotes and chasing clients for money can cost you your business. And that could mean losing the freedom to do what you love. 

Freedom is the goal of every entrepreneur. 

This looks different for every individual. Freedom is as unique as each person. There are some universal freedoms that are recognised by most people, but often the details are different for individuals. 

The Dictionary.com defines Freedom as:

1. the power to determine action without restraint.
2. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.

And that right there is pretty powerful. 

Overwhelm and freedom do not go together. Image of woman enjoying a beverage her laptop.

What does freedom look like for you?

  • Are you working towards financial freedom?
  • Or is time freedom what you’re after?
  • Perhaps you’re looking for location freedom?
  • Do you crave the freedom to create what you want, when you want? Would you love the freedom to do the things that bring you joy and happiness?
  • Perhaps you desire the freedom to focus on the things that you want to focus on, not the things you “should” or are “supposed” to do. 

Outsourcing leads to Freedom

There are a number of ways to think about outsourcing as a way to freedom. One of the most obvious is that it definitely frees you up to focus on the things that you enjoy. We always recommend outsourcing the things you dislike in your business first. Creative freedom, or freedom to think or act as your wish, is definitely stifled when you are stressed. Outsourcing reduces the overwhelm and stress and gives you more creative freedom. 

Outsourcing for Financial Freedom 

Outsourcing reduces overwhelm meaning you can focus on the creative process in your business. Image of woman writing in a journal.

For Chantal, the least enjoyable part of her business was following up with clients on unpaid invoices, or replying to queries related to those invoices. She still hates talking about money with clients, particularly when they owe her money. So she has a team who handles that for her without the emotion or the overwhelm that comes with chasing people for money. Are you like Chantal? 

Chantal is on her way to financial freedom through outsourcing – she’s got all her invoices up to date, she’s aware of her number in her business and is able to make decisions based around those numbers, and she’s able to focus on the things that bring her the most joy in her business, and remain super creative, knowing that she doesn’t have to think about invoices or chasing people for money. 

Outsourcing reduces the overwhelm to do with finances and money in Chantal’s business.

Some clients are looking to change their business and move into a more technical sphere. That takes a lot of commitment and energy, and can really put a damper on your creativity. 

Outsourcing for Creative Freedom

For Shan, outsourcing means that she has time to do the things in her business that she most enjoys. She’s able to spend weekends and afternoons with her two boys and really enjoy being around them when they are still young. She’s changed her business from being the photographer to teaching others how to create their own unique photography styles. Initially she struggled along trying to do all the things – teaching, coaching, email marketing, social media, website updates, course recordings, editing, uploading, you name it. She very quickly realised that it was costing her both time and her ability to be creative when she was so stressed and overwhelmed. 

When she came to us we initially only helped with her website, and over the years of working with her, we have grown with her business, and we’re now able to support her in a variety of tech areas. What this means is that Shan is free to have creative spurts and to produce the kind of work that she absolutely loves doing. She’s free to create the community she loves, and is not losing sleep because she has someone to support her in the tech side of her business. 

For Shan, outsourcing reduces the overwhelm that blocks her creative flow.

Outsourcing for Time and Location Freedom

Outsourcing reduces overwhelm by letting you do the things you love, when you want to do them, from where you want to be. Image of women on a bed listening to music.

I started my own business, because I was tired of working so many hours for someone else, and not being paid what I was worth. So now I run my own business so I can work twice as hard as I used to, for less money LOL. I’m sure you know that feeling! It can’t only be me? 

More importantly for me was that I wanted to be home with my kids, and wanted to homeschool them. Our family wants to travel the world, and explore and I don’t want to be tied to a job, a school or a lifestyle that doesn’t fit with that. 

Although I’m working much longer hours than I used to, I get to work the hours that work for me – late afternoons and evenings. I am able to sleep in and only get to my desk after 9 in the morning. My work locations range from the middle of Kruger National Park, to Siwa Oasis in Egypt, or the hospital ward next to my daughter. 

I can only do any of these things because I have a team who I work with every day who help me to be a better business person. 

For me and many others, outsourcing reduces the overwhelm of needing to do all the things, and means we can work from anywhere and when it suits us best.

What were the reasons you started your own business? What freedom were you looking to get? Are you working on that? 

What will you Outsource to reduce overwhelm first? 

If you’re ready to reduce your overwhelm by outsourcing, then we have a simple video that explains the best way to figure out what to outsource first in your business. You can sign up here to get the video and some helpful emails to guide you on that journey. 

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