What does a Virtual Assistant (VA) do?

Have you ever looked at your business and felt completely overwhelmed? Maybe it’s time to outsource to a VA, but how do you know what you can and can’t outsource? Look at our list of skills below and I’m sure you’ll find something our Virtual Assistants can assist with! Let us take these things off your plate, so that you can focus on your sphere of genius, because we know it’s your happy place!

Feeling overwhelmed? Hire a VA
Ever opened your computer and felt completely overwhelmed? Let us solve that for you!

What can a VA do for my Business?

Assist with your WordPress website

Keeping your website healthy by updating plugins and other tools. Assisting with copywriting for pages and blog posts. Ensuring images and visual elements are on brand and correctly sized. Helping with e-commerce and membership site management.

Manage your inbox

Sorting your emails and flagging those that really require your attention. Replying to enquiries on your behalf, as well as actioning emails that don’t need you specifically. Assisting with setting schedules for yourself and your clients. Keeping your to-do lists updated and managing expectations with clients. A VA has experience with automating processes and can advise the best route to go for your business.

Email list management

Setting up and managing the client databases – whether that is creating opt-in forms, merging lists, or importing your client information. Working with you to create and send regular newsletters to your clients and following. Assisting with content creation by using your blog or sales copy, or by sourcing information worth sharing with your audience. At WAHM we are familiar with Mailchimp, Active Campaign and Mailerlite, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work in a different system.


Hire a bookkeeping VA

Our bookkeeping services include all aspects of helping you manage your finances in your business. From sending and following up on invoices, to creating and explaining management accounts. We can assist with bank reconciliation and tax returns. Our bookkeeper VA, Adrienne is familiar with Wave, Paypal, Sage and Quickbooks. Other VAs in the team have worked in Wave, Paypal and Stripe.


Researching and writing of ad copy, social media posts, newsletters, blogs, sales pages and full websites. We can also assist with keyword research.

Graphic Design assistance

Graphic design and image creation by a VA

We have two wonderful VAs, Karen & Melissa, who have experience in editing of photos, creation of digital publications, design and cration of social media graphics, as well as assisting with print publications. Karen & Melissa work in Photoshop and all of our VAs have experience in Canva. We even offer a one on one training for Canva for any clients in the Durban area, because we know not everyone is ready to outsource, yet!

Client management

You’re brilliant at the sales call and get your client to book with you, but now you have to manage them. Maybe it’s time to outsource all of the onboarding processes to a VA. A VA can help with scheduling of group and individual calls, following up on course work, feedback and potential clients. We can handle sending reminders, so that you can focus on the job at hand. We can also keep on top of enquiry processing, ensuring that none of your potential clients slip through the cracks. Calendar management is another task we can help with to ensure that your booking system, calendar and life are always on the same page!

Social Account management

Social Media Account Management by a VA

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter… the list goes on! There’s a VA who can help manage your accounts on just about any platform. We can assist with group administration on Facebook with things like scheduling posts, interacting as your page, screening join requests and more. We have VAs who are more involved in each of the platforms, and so can match someone to work with you in the platform you use the most!

Tearing your hair out trying to do everything? Not sure what or how to outsource?

Watch this video for step by step directions to get it right.  

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And a whole lot more!

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant or VA can bring a huge amount of relief. You don’t have to outsource everything it once. We recommend looking at the things that you avoid doing, but end up costing your money in the end, as the first things to outsource. As an entire team of entrepreneurs we know how difficult it is to outsource the work which you have become so tied to, but for this reason we’re also very clearly aware of what it’s like to finally let go! We have seen the results from our clients and it’s astounding how much room it has made in their businesses for them to flourish.

In the first week of working with one of her clients, Bianca followed up on outstanding invoices, and doubled the income for the client to what she had paid for that month’s service.

We promise that starting small with the things you hate or tend to put off, and building from there is definitely the best way to grow your business and find the headspace to focus on your sphere of genius! Believe it or not, we are happiest doing your admin!

If you’re needing help figuring out what and how to outsource, we’ve got this free video which talks you through the steps to decide what and how to outsource.

Bianca Johnson

I'm Mom to two, wife to one, and the brains behind WAHM WorkSpace. A self taught digital native with a knack for translating concepts. I speak creative and tech, and work at marrying the two both in my personal and professional life!