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Hey, I’m Zaahida. “Stay – At – Home – Mom” you say? This is a bit of insight into what my days are usually like.

A Typical Night

Let’s start off with my night before from about 7 pm getting kids off to bed (or trying), so that I can sleep early because I have lots of work to do tomorrow because let’s face it entrepreneurs never know what day or time it is…it is all a blur.

Them kids looking too cute to settle in bed

Okay so yay, my kids are asleep and it’s only 8 pm, I might go to my desk and “work” on my website, update some copy, add some pages, update my work – with – me pages, think of some ideas for content, write it down, prepare my calendar for the next day and then waste some time on Facebook, that probably started up with the intention of “showing up” amongst my network, and ended up where I was watching a funny video of some sort.

I gawk at the time on my phone it is now 12 am. I try and finish off what I am doing then head to bed..only to lie awake with ideas for my next blog post, another event or some amazing idea that can create social change.

Yes I am a mom of 3 kids so I need bathroom breaks. in the middle of the night. after I have almost fallen asleep. I want to cry now because I told myself I need to sleep because I have lots to do tomorrow!

My mornings

After some failed attempts at sleeping, a few hours of sleep and a few alarms, I am up at about 5:48 am, head to the shower, so that I am not a Zombie, and also to warm up my Rheumatic/sciatic pain in my back, I get dressed right up until makeup, scarf, jacket and shoes (because this helps with my work motivation) unless it’s that time of the month, when I am not in the mood for anyone or anything – then yes PJ’s are my office clothes (shhh – don’t tell anyone), say my prayers, have some warm lemon water, tea, because I will not function without it, my supplements, then some more tea and maybe some toast if I am not in a rush. I wake the kids, and we all get ready for school. This is one of the craziest hours in my household.

Work Time

Everyone leaves and then I have silence from about 8;45, maybe 8:30 on a good day – until 12:15 when it is time to pick up the kids, feed them and play with them.

I look at my calendar for the week and start fleshing out what needs to be done and prioritise any deadlines. I check – in on my client’s Project Management system, see to any pressing tasks. Waste some time along the way. Forget what I was doing, eat some more breakfast, throw some laundry in the machine (and forget to hang it till later in the afternoon).

My Week

My Week is split up with some semblance of order and routine. Monday mornings I try to attend Islamic classes where I used to teach, to feed my soul and revise on the Arabic I learned 15years ago.

Tuesday mornings I work on my outreach and marketing of my doTERRA business and my doula business and work on some content, and meet up with the rest of the doTERRA South Africa Team online

Wednesdays I have fleshed out in my mind as an off – day for sleeping – but that never happens, it is also my day for some personal development work when I work with my integration mentor on Inner parenting techniques – and this let me just tell you – comes with homework…difficult homework!!

doTERRA Port Elizabeth

Thursdays I use for one – on- one classes or consulting for my doTERRA and doula business – so it is the day where I drive around with my amazing – smelling box of oils and products teaching people about essential oils or meet moms who want to find out about hiring a doula and how my services work. I am usually extremely tired when I come back..because I am an introvert..which in grammatically correct terms actually means a person who is energised by alone time : )

Afternoons at 2 pm – 4pm I either work on focused client work eg marketing strategy or copywriting or I study – I am currently in the middle of an Aromatherapy Certification and a Childbirth Educator Certification.

Fridays are supposed to the days where I work ON my own business growth. I have been slacking quite a bit on taking this time out, and then I squeeze in a study session in the afternoon with my other Childbirth Educator study buddies.
And of – course not working for a boss means that when I feel like I need some off – time – I take it. When I want to attend networking events, training or even organise an event at any odd times I can do just that.

Read about what Bianca’s day is like here. What’s a typical day in your life like? Let me know in the comments below!

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