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I first became familiar with the term “Work at Home Mom” – WAHM (Pronounced like Wham the band!) – when I began really enjoying buying cloth nappies. It really became a hobby and I loved supporting the moms who are making these fantastic products. I still have a huge collection, but I’m also beginning to pursue a more minimalist Motherhood, and so I’ll probably be letting a lot of them go to new homes. 
The ultimate nappies to buy used to be US WAHM nappies. . The ultimate buys used to be Twinkie Tush, Southern Comfort, and Sassybumz. Scoring a nappy in a stocking from them was most Cloth mom’s dream! Then our South African Cloth Moms starting producing equally good, if not better, nappies and the ultimate was to score in a Poopsy Daisy or TomFips stocking.
Since moving in the cloth nappy circles online, I’ve been introduced to work at home moms in the baby carrier business, then onto baby and child clothes, leather shoes, which leads to leather handbags, and then jewellery and art and all kinds of other things.
I do my best to support small businesses, particularly business women. There is the sense that you aren’t only supporting someone’s career, but that you are supporting a family as well. I really value that! I do however expect that the business is run as such, and that clients are treated fairly and with respect, and that effort is made to keep business and family separate.
Supporting WAHMs will be a key aspect of our WorkSpace retail centre. There will be opportunities for sale of any and all products made by WAHMs. From cloth nappies and baby & kids clothing, to jewellery, decor and furniture. If it’s made by a WAHM we will find a way to be able to help you sell it to our community.

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Bianca Johnson

I'm Mom to two, wife to one, and the brains behind WAHM WorkSpace. A self taught digital native with a knack for translating concepts. I speak creative and tech, and work at marrying the two both in my personal and professional life!

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    Love this! Watching out for your new venture Bianca <3