The Craziness of Being a WAHM

2018 has been an interesting year! In March my husband and I decided to home school our 9 year old daughter. She has been diagnosed with dysgraphia and the current schooling system unfortunately cannot accommodate her. Apart from that, the anxiety of trying to keep up at school had become too much for her.

I became a WAHM when my eldest was born in 2006. I was blessed that being an accountant it was fairly easy to do. In 2008 my second daughter was born and was quite sickly (which she has thankfully outgrown!). It was a blessing to be able to be with her whenever she needed me, and not have to ask permission from a boss to see to my baby’s needs.

I have since opened another business in addition to my accounting. Greeneverything Recycling was born in 2009 and provides a recycling collection service in the Durban area. Over the years this business has grown and now employs 3 people allowing them to feed their families. Head on over to our Facebook page to see more about Greeneverything.

Putting home schooling into the mix on top of my working morning was going to be my new challenge for 2018.

The challenge of juggling time and attention is an interesting challenge. Β There are no rules when kids are involved. When you are a Work at Home Mom, there are no hard and fast rules on how to do it, but the one thing I have discovered is that you have to keep lists to stay on top of everything. Some days I feel like I have lists about lists, but consistency is key!

I spend at least 30 minutes each morning updating my diary for the lists of items that I need to tackle for my clients and businesses. I start by prioritising things that are needed for a deadline. Those have to be dealt with first! Following that I move on to ensure that all the bookkeeping processing is scheduled and completed. Running a strict and tight diary is important when you are a WAHM as you need to know how many hours you have available to be able to schedule any work you need to complete.

Does that mean the system is perfect, oh heck no! But each day you get up, smile and start again!

Photo by Michelle from Ravenfire Photography

In June we decided to up the stakes and decided to add my 12 year old daughter into the home schooling mix as well. We’re only a few months in with that, but so far so good!

I would love to assist you with your bookkeeping needs for your business. If you would like to book please head across to Book a VA and let us know how we can help you. Although my speciality lies in the numbers, I am able to assist you in a wide variety of areas of your business.

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