WAHM WorkSpace Retainers

Get an experienced team of professional Work at Home Moms to handle your tech, finances, calendar, email, and website so you can focus on the work that excites you most!

Reduce Stress! Save Time!

Hire WAHM WorkSpace's VA team to help with your business's tech and admin, so that you can focus on the parts of your business that brings you joy and excitement. 

Hiring a VA can be both the most daunting yet most liberating decision a creative entrepreneur can make. You've spent days, months and years of your life building your business empire, and it's often hard to hand over the reigns to someone else.

However, the right team can make all the difference

The WAHM Workspace team is the perfect team for you if you're looking for assistance with:

  • WordPress Websites
  • Connecting all the tech that an online business requires
  • Understanding the numbers in your business and how they relate to the real world
  • Keeping up with the admin and daily tasks that take you away from your core focus.
  • Taking your business to the next level but without all the admin and stress.

*Additional hours over and above the retainer are purchased via TopUp packages.

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Our retainers have a minimum commitment of 6 months. This is to ensure that your team can find their groove with you and you'll gain the most benefit from having a team who really knows your business! If you genuinely feel that we are not moving your business forward, we require a 30 day cancellation notice (although we would prefer to Zoom over coffee to see where we can better assist you).