Make it Memorable Monday Pop-Up

Monday was our first pop up event – Make it Memorable Monday at The Prep Room.

Unfortunately for me the weather did not play along with my plans. ?

One of the things I love most about Durban is our weather. Amazing warm winter days with mild nights, hot sticky summer days just made for hanging out in the pool or sea. We have our fair share of rain, but for some reason no one in this town knows how to deal with it. I’ve never known a group of people this large who stop everything for a little rain. Sadly most people in Durban know that if there’s rain expect your turn out for an event to be low!

It had rained most of the day before, and when Baby Ayla woke me on Monday morning I could hear the rain still coming down, my heart sank. I knew that I couldn’t expect an exceptional turnout.

I made the decision to leave Kyle at home with our wonderful domestic worker, Veronica (VV to the kids!), and only take Ayla with. I doubted I would need VV’s skills with helping watch any extra kids considering the weather. I was a good decision.

I was thrilled that I had five people arrive specifically for our event. One of those was not a friend or family member who was showing support – although I’m certain that those friends and family that came to support me will be involved, it’s just that they are already part of my community. The aim of my pop-up events is to broaden the community and make more work at home moms aware of what I will be offering.

I also had the opportunity to chat to a few of the patrons of the coffee shop about my concept and business, and definitely spread the word.

The best part about the urgency of an event was that I put the effort in to get my website up and looking presentable. There’s still a fair amount of work to do on it, but I am liking the look and feel! Please do let me know your thoughts!

Our next event is scheduled for 6 October 2017 at 9am. I hope to see a few more potential community members there!

In the mean time look forward to more updates on what I am doing to make this venture a reality!

Bianca Johnson

I'm Mom to two, wife to one, and the brains behind WAHM WorkSpace. A self taught digital native with a knack for translating concepts. I speak creative and tech, and work at marrying the two both in my personal and professional life!