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Mentoring Moms and our Virtual Assistants

WAHM WorkSpace has been doing a lot of business research and building and we have grown our offering too. In January, as part of my Try Everything campaign, I began working with a Money Coach on a personal level. As we worked together on sorting out my family’s mindset around money, we discovered how well…

About Mentoring Moms and our Virtual Assistants about Mentoring Moms and our Virtual Assistants

Lunch & Learn Business Events

WAHM WorkSpace is excited to introduce Lunch & Learn business lunch sessions for BossLadies! Lunch & Learn sessions are a time for BossLadies to get together for a delicious, healthy meal and learn a little bit about business while they’re at it. At strictly one hour in length, the sessions will be easy to fit into…

About Lunch & Learn Business Events about Lunch & Learn Business Events

2018 Theme – Try Everything – Business and Personal Goals

“I won’t give up, no I won’t give in. Until I reach the end, then I’ll start again” – Shakira, Try Everything, theme song from Zootopia.   I’ve chosen this song as my theme song and theme phrase for 2018. Both here at WAHM WorkSpace, and in my personal life. I’m proud to say that…

About 2018 Theme – Try Everything – Business and Personal Goals about 2018 Theme – Try Everything – Business and Personal Goals

Become a Founding MomBoss

Coworking spaces around the world have various ways of operating and opening. Some of the most successful ones though focus on building a community and then finding the space for the community they have built. As you know by now I’m passionate about the community I am building. I want our space to be made…

About Become a Founding MomBoss about Become a Founding MomBoss

WAHM? Bam! Thank you Ma’am

I first became familiar with the term “Work at Home Mom” – WAHM (Pronounced like Wham the band!) – when I began really enjoying buying cloth nappies. It really became a hobby and I loved supporting the moms who are making these fantastic products. I still have a huge collection, but I’m also beginning to…

About WAHM? Bam! Thank you Ma’am about WAHM? Bam! Thank you Ma’am

Why Coworking for Moms?

I’m currently frustrated beyond belief. I’d typed a blog post, using a new editor, and wanted to add a pic of my little girl. Something went wrong and the whole thing is gone. That’s the kind of day I’ve had. I’m feeling as frazzled as the woman in the picture above looks. I feel like…

About Why Coworking for Moms? about Why Coworking for Moms?

Make it Memorable Monday Pop-Up

Monday was our first pop up event – Make it Memorable Monday at The Prep Room. Unfortunately for me the weather did not play along with my plans. ? One of the things I love most about Durban is our weather. Amazing warm winter days with mild nights, hot sticky summer days just made for…

About Make it Memorable Monday Pop-Up about Make it Memorable Monday Pop-Up

Why WAHM WorkSpace

Why is this SAHM starting a WAHM WorkSpace? I’ve worked in service industries for most of my working adult life. I’ve been a travel agent, bar lady, hotel front desk staffer, personal concierge and an au pair/nanny. I’ve always loved being around people and interacting with others throughout my day. My husband and I made…

About Why WAHM WorkSpace about Why WAHM WorkSpace


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