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Beating the Budget Blues

Its July and we are halfway through 2020 – apart from the added complications on the effect of Covid-19 and lockdown – it has been a blur! In my last post I started talking about starting to establish a relationship with your money. As a business owner (or even a sole proprietor) you need to…

Grow your business – outsource your social media

Those who plan – Stand out! Social media is not a new platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to make known their brand. Although ever since the pandemic it has become an ever-increasing platform that everyone wants to get in on. Not that this is a bad thing, it is just that there is a lot…

Great Graphics are the Key to Visual Communication

Cutting through the Clutter As humans, our brains are hardwired to process images quickly. This means that in most cases, an amazing image will work better than words when trying to convey your message. Our world has changed dramatically over the past few months, this has put us in an ever-increasing digital framework, where we…

3 Tips to start and grow your email list

Developing an  email list is an important part of monetizing your business, because it’s essentially a list of prospective customers. It’s also your way to stay in touch with your people, remind them that you exist, and develop relationships. Building your email list will create a strong foundation for your business. All you need to start…


The Covid-19 Temporary Employee / Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) is a special benefit created under the Unemployment Insurance Fund to assist employers who are not able to pay their staff as a consequence of the lockdown. To be able to apply for the relief the following qualifying criteria needed to be met:- You must be…

Establishing a relationship with your money

Don’t beat yourself up with past mistakes, put the past behind you and start making some positive changes to your personal money management! The world has been plunged into uncertainty and no-one is exactly sure what to expect with the economy, their income or how to plan or budget financially moving forward. So how can…

What can a WAHM VA help you with?

if you are a business owner OR entrepreneur who is struggling to keep on top of your game and make your business flourish because you are being bogged down by soul sucking tasks – hire a WAHM VA to help your business soar!

My Year of “Try Everything”

Last year I put out into the universe that my Big Hairy Audacious Goal was to speak on the TED stage. I mentioned to a few key people that I was keen to start talking at events. Kim Knight being one of them. Kim mentioned she may have space for me next year. A couple…

A Day in The Life Of Zaahida

A look inside what it’s like to be a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) Virtual Assistant with WAHM WorkSpace. Zaahida shares the details of her day to day work life.


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