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The Covid-19 Temporary Employee / Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) is a special benefit created under the Unemployment Insurance Fund to assist employers who are not able to pay their staff as a consequence of the lockdown. To be able to apply for the relief the following qualifying criteria needed to be met:- You must be…

Establishing a relationship with your money

Don’t beat yourself up with past mistakes, put the past behind you and start making some positive changes to your personal money management! The world has been plunged into uncertainty and no-one is exactly sure what to expect with the economy, their income or how to plan or budget financially moving forward. So how can…

What can a WAHM VA help you with?

if you are a business owner OR entrepreneur who is struggling to keep on top of your game and make your business flourish because you are being bogged down by soul sucking tasks – hire a WAHM VA to help your business soar!

My Year of “Try Everything”

Last year I put out into the universe that my Big Hairy Audacious Goal was to speak on the TED stage. I mentioned to a few key people that I was keen to start talking at events. Kim Knight being one of them. Kim mentioned she may have space for me next year. A couple…

A Day in The Life Of Zaahida

A look inside what it’s like to be a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) Virtual Assistant with WAHM WorkSpace. Zaahida shares the details of her day to day work life.

A Day in the Life of Bianca

Hi I’m Bianca Johnson – wife, mother and owner of WAHM WorkSpace. I’d love to give you a window into my day to day work life balance, or lack thereof. Morning Routine It’s winter now so my kids wake me up between 06:15 and 06:45. In Summer they can be awake as early at 04:30!…

The Craziness of Being a WAHM

2018 has been an interesting year! In March my husband and I decided to home school our 9 year old daughter. She has been diagnosed with dysgraphia and the current schooling system unfortunately cannot accommodate her. Apart from that, the anxiety of trying to keep up at school had become too much for her. I…

A pregnant body, a pregnant mind, a baby and business born!

This week I am preparing to celebrate my daughter and second rainbow baby’s first birthday. A year ago I was preparing for my 40th birthday and the final weeks of pregnancy. My baby arrived the day after my birthday. As I have seen with other people nearing milestone birthdays, I was also in the throes of…

The Great Illness of May 2018 & being a WAHM

May 2018 will go down as one of the worst months for me and my family so far. I have never been as sick, nor had the whole family be this sick, in all my life! This was the month that being a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) proved that our family decisions were made…


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